Monday, January 25, 2010

Jake's Birthday and Park City

My sweet husband turned 27 this past Friday. He thinks he's sooo old, but I always remind him he is still in his 20's! He went and got his back adjusted by Ben, which he loves! He has been wanted a Sonicare toothbrush for the longest time, so I finally got it for him :)We also had a fun dinner with friends and family and after we had ice cream cake ( Jake's favorite)!

Saturday night we headed up to Park city to watch a snowboarding competition! It was so cool to see how high those guys get! It was really cold, but well worth the fun! On our way back from park city, we were in the WORST snow storm I have ever been in. Once we got home my shoulders were so sore from tensing up the whole time! Luckily Jake is great when it comes to any motor vehicle! Thanks Binghams for the invite! We had tons of fun!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow Mobiling in West Yellowstone

So for the New Year Jake and I went to West Yellowstone! It was a blast. We went with some of our friends from this summer Matt and Heather Slater! We staying in this beautiful Lodge called Worldmark. I was able to have my own snowmobile for two of the days and It was a blast. We had all the gear to keep us warm. It was so fun to be out in the snow and not be cold at all, I was a little nervous I wasn't going to like it because I don't really love the cold, but I was so warm! I felt like we were dressed to land on the moon. The last day snowmobiling It was snowing so hard all day and there was tons of power for the boys to explore in. I stayed in the groomed trails with the pack snow! For New Years Eve we went to this yummy pizza place and later that night we went back to the Lodge and sat around the fire! Jake and I talk about maybe making this a tradition, Thanks Matt and Heather for coming with us, we had a blast :)


This year was Christmas time with the Palmer family. It was my first Christmas away from Texas! We spent Christmas Eve with Jake's dad and had tons of food! We did coconut shrimp, flank steak, chicken salad sandwiches, vinaigrette salad, and yummy Oreo balls. We all sat around the fire and played catch phrase, It's my new favorite game! I forgot how fun it was :)

On Christmas day we spent time with Jake's mom and got to see Beck and Grace have so much fun with opening presents! Jake got me all new snow clothes and a New GPS!! He did such a great job. Jake was also so happy to get new snow boarding boots (Thanks mom and dad!) and a new DeWalt drill! After the morning we went sledding, which was really fun to be able to do since I haven't seen that much snow on Christmas day!

I was so much fun to be able to spend time with family and enjoy each others company. I love this time of the year ( minus the cold) and always look forward to spending time with family :)

Thanksgiving in Park City

I Have alot of catching up to do!!

For Thanksgiving Jake and I went to Park City and spent the Holiday with my family! It was so much fun! We stayed in this amazing cabin! It had a big game room with a ping pong/pool table, Movie room, and amazing kitchen, Hot tub, every shower was a steam shower, work out/ poker room, 2 look out decks, and enough space for my big family :) Jake and I stayed in the the bunk bed room with Brittany and the Hodsons. We loved it :) It was so great to spend time with Jacquelyn, Josh and Lincoln, since they live in Texas. Thanks giving is one of my favorite holidays cause I love all the yummy food! My mom of course put on a great spread and I'm so grateful for such an amazing time we had!