Monday, August 31, 2009


My beautiful flowers

Oakland Temple, It's such a pretty place!

McCovey Cove

San Francisco from Alcatraz

I cant believe it's been a whole year! What an amazing year, i couldn't have asked for a better man to spend eternity with! He makes me so happy! We went to San Francisco and spend 2 days there. We went to Alcatraz, it was so interesting. I went when I was little and i didn't really remember much so it was cool to be able to go back. After that we went to the Hotel and got dresses for dinner and the play. We went to this amazing restaurant called First Crush! I got the rib eye and Jake got the Lamb, it was honestly the best food we have had at a restaurant in a LONG time! If your ever there we definitely recommend it! After dinner we headed over to the Orpheum Theatre and went to see Wicked!!! I was amazing!!!:) The next day we went to the Giants game! It was such a great game! The Giants were behind the whole game then in the 6th inning they hit a Grand Slam!! After that the Rockies couldn't come back and The Giants won 9-5. It was such a cool stadium right on McCovey Cove, I'm so glad i can check that one off my list :) It was such a great weekend and I'm so glad i got to spend it with Jake! I love you!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday in San Fran

I had such an amazing birthday, I woke up that morning to some yummy blueberry pancakes! I think the first time I have ever had breakfast in bed. Jake also gave me a new camera, I was so excited because now i don't have to rely on the other wives to take pictures :) We then decided to go to San Francisco for my birthday and just walk around to see some sights (were going this next weekend again for our anniversary). It was really fun, we were able to go see Pier 39 and Fisher Man's wharf, The Golden Gate Bridge, and Lombard Street! At the end of the day Jake surprised me with a yummy cake. It was sooo good, It had strawberry filling and Bavarian cream in the middle! I honestly couldn't of asked for a more perfect birthday! Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes:) Love ya'll!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wish They All Could Be California Girls!

Yep believe it or not were moving! And as you can see from the picture its near San Francisco. We will be living in a little city about 45 min outside called Walnut Creek! Its very close to where my bother-in-law grew up and where my sister lived for her first year of marriage! I was able to chat with her and find out some fun things to do out there. Like i said its only 45 min from San Francisco so I'm excited to go there with Jake. He has never been and I went out there when my sister got married so it will be fun to go back. Im so excited to see Alcatraz, Lombard street, Ghirardelli Square, take a trolley ride, and of course a new baseball stadium to visit!

We ship out our car Saturday, then fly out to the sunny state that same day! Just like Ohio it will be an adventure! We will most likely be there till mid September, then its back to Salt Lake :) But as for California, here we come!