Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Nations Capitol

Believe it or not, were leaving again this summer! This time we will be living in Washington DC. Were leaving end of April and coming back end on August! Its gonna be another exciting summer, full of adventures! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Jake's Break

click on the picture and you can really see how bad the break was, 3rd bone down.

So as most of ya'll know Jake had to get surgery this past week. We went down to Texas just after the New Year and that is where it all started. He went to play basketball with Josh and came home with a balloon hand! He thought it was just a jam, so that didn't stop him from golfing everyday!

We came home and about 3 weeks went by, and Jake had been snowboarding, went shooting, had been working out and lifting heavy weights with this hand. He never really complains so when he was saying his hand was still killing him and he couldn't sleep at night I knew it was more then a jam! He FINALLY went to get it xrayed!

Last Saturday he went to the Insta-care. The doctor said it was a really bad break and he needed to go to a hand specialist. So on Tuesday he went to Dr. Hammond( he was such a great doctor) and he said we had 2 choices, he can have it heal on its own and his finger wont ever be the same, it will be crooked and he will get arthritis in the next couple years, or get surgery and put pins in his finger to straighten the bone. Dr. Hammond suggest we get him into surgery as soon as possible. He had an opening the next day, so they were able to squeeze Jake in!

Jake's break had chipped the whole corner off his bone, and it was floating in his hand. It had already started healing so Dr. Hammond had to scrap away all the extra cartilage that had been healing in the gaps.

Surgery went great and Jake was such a great patient. He is so easy to take care of and is so grateful for everything:) Thanks to everyone for thinking of Jake, we really do appreciate it :) and thank goodness for great medical care!