Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Belated Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday Post Jake!
I have the BEST Husband in the world! We have been married for about 5 months and i there's no way i could have ever found someone more perfect for me then Jake! He is so sweet and loving. He always know what to do to make me laugh. I cant stop smiling when i think of him! He takes care of me and loves me so much! Happy Belated Birthday sweetie! I Love You!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Lindsey and I started our training for the "Butler Biggest Loser" this week. We all weighed in at Suze and Jeff's house last sunday and since then we have been on fire. Maybe it was a good wakeup call to see how just a few months of poor eating and not excersising can deteriorate your muscle and help you pack on the pounds! Lindsey and I are extremely motivated. Our fridge is packed with Salmon (which I am slowly getting Lindsey to tolerate), chickem, spinach, fruits, wheat bread and pasta, eggs, and vegetables of every kind. Lindsey managed to somehow sneak a box of "fruit" roll-ups past me at the checkout, but besides that we are loaded with the good stuff.

We hit the gym every day this week except for Thursday and Sunday. The only reason we didn't go thursday is because we were too sore to even move, and of course not on Sunday because the gym was closed. Haha.

So anyways, week one has been a success. Just 15 more weeks and we'll be rollin' in dough!