Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Brooks

Wow, What whirl wind! I finally have a second to sit down and blog. Sometimes i wonder what the heck I did with my days before this little man came! Brooks is now 2 and a half weeks old and consumes every minute of my life (In a good way). He makes me appreciate everything my mom and dad did for me even more! Being a parent truly is the BEST thing!
So now the story, most of ya'll already know what happened to me but for those of you that don't here It goes...
So I was 37 weeks and 4 days and this little boy was STILL breeched, so Jake and I went into the hospital so my Dr could attempt to turn him(this was a Thursday). Luckily we he was successful and was able to turn him head down. Jake and I had fancied the thought of going to his cabin with his family in Cedar City for the weekend, so i asked my Dr if he though it was a good idea. Dr smith checked me and said I was only at a 1 so he didn't see any harm in going. So Friday night we headed up to the cabin!
I was having contractions while i was there( at least that's what Jake's sisters said they were) They weren't bad at all so I honestly never though anything of it. Saturday went by smoothly and then Sunday was great! Then around 4:30 that afternoon I was feeling some weird stuff going on in my tummy. I was sitting on the couch holding my little niece and she started to fuss so I stood up and started to bounce her. Then all of a sudden it felt like something in my stomach just dropped and there was a little wet feeling( I honestly just though "oh wow that's weird, did I just pee myself") then literally 2 seconds later there was a gush of water, and I said "umm Katie I think my water just broke!"
I instantly started to cry cause I COULDN'T BELIEVE I was at Jake's cabin in Cedar City (with no service) and my water just broke!!!! We rushed in the car and started to head back to Salt Lake. As we were driving down the mountain I started to time how far apart my contractions were, and at this time they were about 25 min apart, So I was pretty calm and knew I would totally be fine, and we were gonna be able to get to the hospital in no time. As we got off the mountain and started heading north my contractions instantly started getting closer together( they were about 10 min apart) I was trying to stay really calm and not stress myself out.
By this time we had been through Beaver and were about 2 hours away, then all of a sudden the car is acting up! Jake was flooring it and it was only going 50 mph, and by this time my contractions were about 7 min apart. Jake had to literally stop the car get out and check the engine. I could NOT believe this was happening to me! Jake got back in the car and everything went back to normal... it was so weird!
By this time Jake had called the ambulance and told them that his wife was in labor and we were speeding so let the dispatch know not to pull us over. By the time we hit Nephi, my contractions were so bad I wasn't able to talk through them anymore, they were about 2 min apart and I couldn't help but breakdown and cry cause I was in such pain. Jake kept telling me to breath and stay as calm as possible, he promised me we would make it to the hospital! So that's what I did, kept calm and started to breath through my contractions.
Jake was hauling, going 120 through the Provo and American Fork construction, and every bump was so intense, I was squeezing Jake's arm trying to not think about the pain. Finally we arrived at the hospital around 8 and they had a nurse out front waiting for me.
I got up the the second floor and was put in a room ( the same room the flipped Brooks in) got my IV and the nurse went to check me. I was thinking in my head "Oh I bet I'm only a 2 or 3", but no she said I was about 90% effaced and dilated to a 6! The anesthesiologist came and gave me my epidural ( didn't hurt one bit, I don't know how women do this without one). It was sooo nice to have the drugs, I could relax and start calming myself down. I was so happy i made it to MY hospital, I was going to be able to get an epidural, and MY doctor was going to be able to deliver me! Around 945 the nurse came in again and checked me and said I was dilated to a 9! I couldn't believe it. Then about an hour later she came in again and checked me and said I was good to go! They called Dr. Smith and while he was on his way to the hospital I did some practice pushes. Dr. Smith finally got to the hospital and I pushed for about 10 to 15 min and BOOM! Brooks was here, 6 lbs 15 oz, and 20 inches long!!!!
It was the most amazing feeling I have ever had when they placed him on my chest and I was holding my little boy, I could believe that baby was mine ( oh, he is such a cutie) It was quite the experience and If I could change it, I would :) well the whole being in Cedar City part, haha! But Jake and I are so incredibly blessed to have Brooks apart of our family.


Emma and John said...

I'm so glad you blogged your story! You'll never forget it :) Brooks is such a doll!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! That is insane Lindsey I cannot believe you had to drive that long in labor. You're such a strong woman. We need to talk on the phone soon. I'm so happy for you guys and love you guys so very much :)

The Howard's said...

Wow what a story! I had no idea. So glad you made it to your hospital. Lol I have a similar story with my labor. I was in Logan visiting family and Jason was home in Provo. At 4 in the morning my mom drove me half way to meet Jason. Oh the joys of labor! xoxox

wow mom said...

I'm so happy he is here and healthy! What a story--he'll love it when he gets older. Congratulations to your cute family.

Lindsay Mecham said...

Wow, you Butlers have exciting birthing experiences! So glad to hear about your little baby.

--April Mecham