Monday, October 11, 2010

New House

So here's a glimpse of what our new little house looks like! We moved in about a month ago and it has been project after project! There is still sooo much work that needs to be done, but I thought I would show you some of it :) We love our neighborhood and the little community we belong to, It couldn't be more perfect for us and our new little family :)

Our backyard, we need to even it out a little more and put more sod down, but not until spring :) were also gonna put a shed down at the bottom by the creek for all of Jake's yard toys.

Another shot of the yard, We LOVE our deck, one day we will have furniture out there and possibly a grill :) We still need to sand and stain it so it looks prettier ;)

Guest bedroom that's upstairs, I want to put a stencil on the back wall, just haven decided what pattern I want to do, any suggestions??

Different view of the guest bedroom, as you can tell the walls still need some TLC, but like I said its a work in progress!

My cute kitchen, I love my gas stove, and cabinets I also love how open everything is to the living room

Another view of the kitchen

I love that I have a fireplace, especially here in Utah! I cant wait to use it during the cold winters :)

Last shot of the living room. It still needs different things here and there but I'm so tired of decorating. I wish my mom could just come in and do it all for me! I don't know how she does it every day!
So there it is, our new little house! I will get some downstairs pictures as soon as I'm closer to being finished. It has been a big whirl wind ever since we got back from DC. I feel like I still have so much to do and no patience to get it done. I just hope everything can be "semi" done before the baby comes, oh the joys of moving :) at least we wont have to do it again for another couple months, ha!


kari b. said...

soooo cute linds!!! love the kitchen, so pretty.

Jaime Williams said...

Where is your house?? And what are you having??

Anonymous said...

Love the house! That backyard is great, so much potential. And totally cute inside. Love you guys xo

Lindsey and Jake Palmer said...

Thanks! :) We're living in Holladay and its gonna be a little boy! only 4 more weeks!!

Jeremy and Jani said...

Love your house, and so jealous of your backyard! we need to start doing some BBQ's at your place. I love it!

Aims said...

Cute! Love the cabinets and the deck.

david said...

lindsey - your house is adorable! you acted like it was nothin much, but i LOVE it! so cute!


Jacqs said...

it really is sucha cute house, i love the yard, perfect for little Brooks, esp. when he will start to run around... and the kitchen/living room is so open, i just love it!!! And so happy you blogger!!!

The Howard's said...

Your house is beautiful!

Ryan and Whit said...

Linds! It is just too darling! I am so happy for you and Jake that you have somewhere perfect to bring baby home to :) Hope you are still feeling good!